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World-leading technology and expertise in microbiome analysis

It is now well-recognised that metagenomic sequencing is the most comprehensive DNA sequencing method available to measure the gut microbiome.

At Microba, we offer shotgun metagenomic sequencing along with the expert support required for you to get the most useful information out of your research.

Research with Microba

Microba’s proprietary sampling kit, metagenomic sequencing protocols and specialist bioinformatics pipeline create our Metagenomic Analysis Platform (MAP). The Microba MAP™ delivers clear, accurate and scientifically rigorous results. Researchers across the world can now access Microba MAP™ to accelerate high-resolution microbiome research.

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Delivering highest level of accuracy to ensure clinically relevant results

Highest resolution

Microba exclusively uses shotgun metagenomic sequencing and proprietary bioinformatics to accurately identify microorganisms at a species level, and the metabolic functions encoded in their genomes.

The Illumina NovaSeq 6000 supports high-throughput sample processing for large and small projects. Microba specialises in the analysis of gut microbiome samples with optimised workflows and analysis tools to provide you with reliable results.


Access a growing database of novel microbial genomes

Microba has been active in discovering many bacterial genomes that are not present in public databases. We have built a proprietary database adding novel genomes identified from Australian gut microbiomes, many of which are highly prevalent and abundant across the population. Microba’s database has built on publicly available genomes and added hundreds of additional novel genomes. This enriched database enables you to discover more organisms that are critical to your research outcomes. Microba can work with you to characterise these new organisms if they are found to be of significance in your study.

Supporting your research from beginning to end

Microba MAP™ offers an end-to-end service that can support your research study from sample collection to the provision of curated results. The process includes a specialised sample swab for easy collection, sample logistics, shotgun metagenomic sequencing, high resolution bioinformatics and project-specific analysis.

Microba also supports the management of your research participants with our specialised online Participant Portal. In the portal, participants can manage their Microba research kits, complete questionnaires and view their personalised results.

Talk with us to determine how the Microba MAP™ can help advance your project.

Rely on Microba, your partner in research

Microba is committed to advancing high quality gut microbiome research. Contact us to see how we can partner with you for your next research project

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