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As science continues to discover new connections between a healthy gut microbiome and overall health, it becomes increasingly important to learn more about these connections.

One of the simplest ways to grow your understanding is through the Microba Insights Program. This program is designed for health care professionals and the Microba Insights Course provides a high-level overview of the gut microbiome. It also provides the opportunity to learn, in-depth, about topics of interest to you, including the gut microbiome’s connections to inflammatory disease (IBD and IBS), metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and mental health.

What’s in it for you?

As world leaders in gut microbiome analysis, with a proprietary bioinformatics pipeline and partnerships extending into the US and other regions, Microba is well placed to assist health care professionals in their practice. When you become a Microba Informed Practitioner (MIP), you establish yourself as a specialist in interpreting the gut microbiome.

You are provided exclusive access to training, support, Microba’s eReferral service and the latest resources on the gut microbiome. As an MIP, you have Microba’s specialist Health Care Team with you every step of the way, so you are never alone in your application of gut microbiome analysis.

You will also join a community of like-minded health care professionals who are passionate about using the latest science and clinical exploration tools. This group is growing, with more than 1,000 Australian health care professionals already joining Microba’s MIP list! As an MIP, you are utilising cutting-edge science, backed by experts in microbiology and microbial ecology, Professors Gene Tyson and Phil Hugenholtz (Co-founders and leading scientists). You can be sure that the clinical application of this analysis is backed by the best in the business.

Microba’s Healthcare Team consists of accredited practising dietitians and nutritionists who are well-versed in interpreting Microba Insight™ Reports and can assist you in understanding what to look for in a report and guidance on next steps to understand the gut microbiome.

Accredited Healthcare Practitioners can access clinical resources such as reference guides to assist with interpreting Microba Insight™ Reports, video walkthroughs and other reference content such as latest science articles.

The course is completely free of charge for accredited Australian Healthcare Practitioners.

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Microba Informed Practitioners

If you decide to become a Microba Informed Practitioner and undertake the Microba Insights Course, you will receive:

An introduction to the gut microbiome, why it’s important for health and a review of the latest research.

Comprehensive training from the expert team at Microba on gut microbiome analysis, the different methods and why metagenomics is the choice for clinically relevant testing.

Exclusive access to the Microba eReferral system to refer your microbiome analysis in consultation both online or in person.

One-on-one specialised support from the Microba Health Care team to assist in interpreting Microba Insight™ reports and navigating the portal.

Complimentary compassionate kits through referrals for eligible compassionate cases or those who would otherwise be unable to access the technology.

Complete and unrestricted access to health care specific updates in Microba’s eNewsletter, as well as articles on the latest science on the gut microbiome.