Resources for Microba-Informed Practitioners

Access resources to assist with your knowledge of the gut microbiome and using Microba’s Insight™ test. Additional resources, including reference guides, videos and articles, are always being added. So, be sure to check back for the most up-to-date information. If there is a resource you would like to see, please contact

Reference Guides


Microba Practitioner
Prebiotic Guide (PDF)

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Microba Practitioner Clinical Reference Guide (PDF)
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Microba Metabolites
Factsheet (PDF)


“The Usual Suspects” Guide

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Metabolic Health Clinical Summary COMING SOON!
Metabolic Health Clinical Reference Guide COMING SOON!

Microba Video Guides


Introduction to Metabolites


The differences between 16S and Metagenomics-based microbiome tests

Using the Microba Practitioner Healthcare Portal

Microba Insight™ Report – Guided Tour

Microba Webinar Recordings


Part 1: New Insights with Metagenomics


Part 2: Metagenomics and IBS


Part 3: Your metagenomics questions answered

Microba Creative Content

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