Report Tutorials

Access free video training regarding the clinical utility and interpretation of your patients’ Insight™ reports, as well as relevant scientific information.

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What’s New

See where improvements have been made in the Insight™ report and why they are important for you and your patients.

New Features & Sensitivity

New Markers & Clinical Insights

Hexa-Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Production

Beta-glucuronidase Production

Butyrate Production

Propionate Production

Methane Production

Hydrogen Sulphide Production

Trimethylamine (TMA) Production

Mucin Degradation

Metabolite Tutorials

Discover the fascinating world of microbial metabolites and how you can use this information in your patients’ reports.

Introduction to Metabolites

Guided Tours

Whether this is your first time using your healthcare account or you just need to refresh your Insight™ skills, receive a guided walk-through to get you up and running.

Using the Microba Practitioner Healthcare Portal

Microba Insight™ Report – Guided Tour

Science and Technology Tutorials

Learn more about the scientific and technological foundations of gut microbiome analysis, and discover how you can use these advancements in clinical practice.

The differences between 16S and Metagenomics