Get the whole picture of your gut microbiome

With the most comprehensive microbiome test available

Microba IBD Awareness

Help future generations live healthier lives

Our mission is to advance our understanding of how the gut microbiome influences our health and its potential involvement in the onset of diseases such as Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis

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Your gut microbiome holds insights
into your health and wellbeing

Understand your unique microbiome, how it affects your health, and how you can achieve a better balance between desirable and less desirable microorganisms in your gut

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Microba Insight Sampling Kit

Get the full picture of your unique gut microbiome

Microba Insight™ Sampling Kit is an easy and comprehensive gut microbiome analysis

Microba Full Metagenomics Vs 16s rRNA

Clearer results, clearer insights

We test thoroughly, so you have greater knowledge on your journey

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